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Addition by subtraction

I totally just bought a Prius! Well, not exactly, because they didn't have any like I wanted on the lot so we're ordering it from the factory. But I totally just ordered a Prius from the factory! Yay!

I'd sorta been toying with the idea of getting a new car for a while since my Passat has been in the shop four times in the year and a half since the warranty ran out, which I am not impressed by. Then yesterday the ignition freaked out in the exact same way it freaked out last October and after I had the car towed to the dealer Mr. Sus convinced me that it was time to just go ahead and get a new car already.

Unfortunately it's going to be like a month before I actually get my new car, which sucks, but it's going to have exactly the features I wanted in the color I wanted, which rules. It also gives me lots of time to come up with the perfect new name for it.

I'm calling on you guys for help and officially opening the floor to nominations. My old car was named Spot, my iPod's named Daisy, my TiVo is Frodo, my fridge is Denmark, and my coffeemaker is Fluffy, so those names are out. Anything else I will take under consideration.

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