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Thou shalt do the dance

The MIL is in town visiting and last night she and I took the munchkin to see Evan Almighty. Much as I love Steve Carell, the reviews were so bad that I was really expecting to hate it. However, possibly because my expectations were so low, I sorta kinda liked it. Not that it's great or anything--the story's a mess and it's nowhere near as funny as it should be--but it's kind of sweet and Wanda Sykes is funny and Steve Carell is, of course, charming and adorable. Frankly, it was WAY better than Shrek 3. And the munchkin LOVED it. She giggled and squealed through the whole movie, which totally made it worth it. Plus there's hilarious gag reel at the end with the cast and crew dancing to "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" and the kid was so excited she was dancing in her seat in the theater.

I am still not going to see License to Wed, however, no matter how adorable John Kransinski may be.

Tomorrow we're all going to see the Imperial Rome exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science. Since my abandoned NaNoWriMo novel was set in Imperial Rome I'm actually quite excited about it.

I am also rejoicing because summer television has picked up considerably now that Sci Fi has started showing the the newest season of Doctor Who and CBS is re-running Jericho. Add in The Closer and reruns of 30 Rock and How I Met Your Mother and it's almost like having a full schedule of television to watch again. Which is good, because my TiVo was starting to feel useless and was in danger of sinking into a depression.

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