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Nerd. That is why you're not on the team.

OMG yay! The complete Comic-con programming schedule is out! So many cool panels, so many decisions to make. How will I ever choose?

Should I, for instance, go to Joss Whedon's panel, or to the Superbad preview to see Michael Cera? Do I go to the sneak peek screening of Pushing Daisies or The Bionic Woman?

I am definitely going to make a point of going to one of Neil Gailman's panels since I missed him last year. I also really want to go to the Warner Bros. panel because they are not only doing Watchmen, but also Get Smart, so Steve Carell might be there. Not sure I'm going to bother with The Simpsons since the producers were such shits at the panel last year. I will, however, try to make it to the Lost panel and the Battlestar Galactica panel and the Kevin Smith Q&A if I can squeeze them in.

Now, if ya'll will excuse me, I have spreadsheets to make!
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