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Frodo is great... Who is that?!!

I'm overdue for a proper update, so here's a glimpse at what's going on in Sus land. The contractors are back, working on the hall bathroom this time. I'm kinda stuck in the house while they're here and it's hella noisy and I can't concentrate for crap, so that's fun. Also, everything's coated in a layer of dust. But it'll be totally worth it when both bathrooms are done. Goodbye ugly frog tile and tacky yellow countertop!

And then in a few weeks we're having all new, double-paned, insulated, Low-E coated windows put in the whole house, which will be heaven. The old aluminum windows we've got don't insulate for crap and on hot afternoons the house never gets below 80 degrees even with A/C running constantly, so that's been good for the environment. And as soon as all this work is done, I'm having the carpets cleaned. Hopefully by Halloween the house will be shiny and lovely again.

In television news, I treated myself to a new dual tuner TiVo (who's taken over the name Frodo) and moved the old one (rechristened Bilbo) back into the bedroom so I can transfer shows to either TV over the wireless network. Heaven. And when the new fall season starts, I'll be able to record three separate shows at once! Yeah, baby! I plan on watching every single new scripted show at least once, just because I can. No more having to choose between competing shows for me. No, I can watch Private Practice AND Gossip Girl AND Bionic Woman before deciding that none of them are worth a crap. You know you're jealous.

Speaking of television, I am quite enjoying some of the new summer programming. The Closer is as solid as ever this season. I'm also really enjoying Saving Grace, which I totally didn't think I'd like, but I find charming. Also, Burn Notice is good fluffy fun, mostly because of the cast. You can't really go wrong with Bruce Campbell in Hawaiian shirts, and I've always kind of loved Jeffrey Donovan. Plus, I'm not ashamed to admit I have a bit of a girl crush on Gabrielle Anwar.

Californication is mildly amusing at times, but I'm way less interested in watching Duchovny sleep with a succession of bare breasted women than Showtime seems to think I am. I really liked the season premiere of Weeds, because so many bad things were happening it was totally farcical, but then I kind of hated the second ep. I only like the show when it's funny, because otherwise I'm reminded that all the characters are kind of despicable people who make such awful choices they deserve to have bad shit happen to them and I lose interest.

I'm loving season three of Doctor Who, too. I thought I'd heard that it wasn't that good, but, aside from those two Dalek episodes (which were awful, as Dalek episodes almost always are--lamest villiams ever), I think it's been my favorite season so far. And I REALLY like Martha. Like, way more than Rose. I kind of try to stay away from Who fandom so I won't get spoiled, but I suspect I'm in the minority here.

Also, Flight of the Conchords is hilarious and brilliant and Mr. Sus and I are totally loving it. And ya'll, they did a Lord of the Rings spoof this week. I just about died laughing. And now I want to go back and watch LOTR again to see Figwit in all his former glory. Good times.

In other news, we're going to L.A. this weekend for tlbelle's wedding and I am totally psyched. I managed to find two dresses that I liked on clearance at Ann Taylor and they were so cheap I bought both of them. Only now I can't decide which one to wear.

Dress #1:


Dress #2:

Which dress should I wear?

Dress #1
Dress #2


Aug. 29th, 2007 05:00 pm (UTC)
We're going to get a dual tuner Tivo and move the old one to the bedroom too. We just have to get around to buying the second one. Glad to here you are liking it so much. Although I don't have wireless set up at home yet. I'm debating about that, but I'm thinking I might wait until after we see if the WGA goes on strike or not. It's probably not fair to add all these extra expenses and then just make the boyo pay for them by himself.

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