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Hey la hey la hey la hey laaa

Am back from a fantastic time in Los Angeles. There was much frolicking on the beach (by the munchkin--I didn't so much frolic myself), sipping of fruity drinks and just generally having a blast with friends. And tlbelle got married! The wedding was beautiful and tons of fun and even those of us who'd vowed not to dance were lured onto the dance floor when they played "Boogie Shoes." Because who among us can resist the call of the Boogie Shoes? No one, that's who.

And even though we spent most of our time at the hotel in Santa Monica, we managed to have a few celebrity sightings. Anthony Anderson was on Mr. Sus' flight from Houston. mikijean claims to have seen Mandy Moore outside our hotel, although no one else was paying attention so we have no verification. Also, Mark Ruffalo and his kids walked out of the hotel and down to the beach with us. It's possible that some of us stopped to unobtrusively watch as he proceeded to do chin ups and swing on the rings at the Old Muscle Beach.

And now I am back and I have painters in my bathroom, but the tile is all done and the new countertop is supposed to come tomorrow so there's a chance the renovations will be done by next week. Yay!

I've been enjoying the new Office DVDs immensely. The deleted scenes for The Office are always so good it's like getting to watch new episodes. And my Dundie is proudly displayed on my mantel, just where Michael would want it to be.

Best of all, it's September now, which means the new fall season is just around the corner!
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