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Bargain Basement Fic Clearance Blowout Month

My hard drive is clogged with old fics. Some fics that are nearly finished. Some fics I finished but wasn't happy with. And some fics I was decently happy with but figured no one else would give a fig about.

Ya'll, I'm sick tired of having all these old fics sitting around, glaring balefully at me every time I go into My Documents. Therefore, I am officially declaring September the month of the Bargain Basement Fic Clearance Blowout. It's kinda like Unfinished Fic Amnesty Week, only it's a month, and I'm going to actually buckle down and finish the damn things before posting them. For better or worse, I'm getting them off my hard drive before the new fall season starts and I get carried away writing Pushing Daisies fic.

So stay tuned to this space because I've got some LOTR fic, some Angel fic, some Office fic and maybe a few surprises. Feel free to play along at home if you've got some fics you'd like to get rid of--the more the merrier.
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