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And the Emmy goes to...

Wow, was that an awful Emmy telecast last night or what? Stupid winners, awkward staging, embarrassing technical problems, and just lame, lame, LAME. Seacrest was exactly as bad as everyone thought he'd be. Obviously the producers even knew he was going to suck, which is why they randomly shoved a few comedians on stage to ramble pointlessly in an attempt to provoke a few laughs. It didn't work. And then we had to sit through those stupid musical numbers which meant that the winners only got like twelve seconds for their speeches before they started getting played off. Fail.

You know who they should get to host next time, if they're not going to ask Hugh Laurie? Wayne Brady. Either that or Rainn Wilson, because their bit with Kanye West was pretty much the only scripted moment worth a damn. If it hadn't been for the awesome impromptu Stewart/Colbert/Carell threeway I would write the whole broadcast off as a complete waste of my time.

I am a little happy for 30 Rock, though. If it's not going to be The Office, then 30 Rock definitely deserves it.

Since the Television Academy is so obviously on crack, this year I decided not to bother with predictions and instead made up my own Emmy nominees and winners.

I expanded the supporting actor/actress nominees, because I don't think it's fair that so many shows have only one lead but half a dozen incredibly talented supporting cast members. And i put Gilmore Girls back into comedy so it'd have a better chance.

Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series

Weeds, "Pittsburgh"
Craig Zisk

The Office, "The Job"
Ken Kwapis

Scrubs, "My Musical"
Will Mackenzie

30 Rock, "Cleveland"
Paul Feig

Ugly Betty, Pilot
Richard Shepard

AND THE EMMY GOES TO... Ken Kwapis. I mean, obviously.

Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series

Battlestar Galactica, "Exodus, Part 2"
Felix Alcala

Dexter, "Dexter"
Michael Cuesta

Friday Night Lights, Pilot
Peter Berg

Friday Night Lights, "State"
Jeffrey Reiner

Lost, "Through the Looking Glass"
Jack Bender

AND THE EMMY GOES TO... Peter Berg, for the most beautifully shot pilot since Lost went on the air.

Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series

30 Rock, "Fireworks"
Dave Finkel, Brett Baer

How I Met Your Mother, "Slap Bet"
Kourtney Kang

The Office, "Beach Games"
Jennifer Celotta, Greg Daniels

The Office, "The Negotiation"
Michael Schur

Scrubs, "My Road to Nowhere"
Mark Stegemann

AND THE EMMY GOES TO... Jen Celotta and Greg Daniels. It was a tough call, but the subtlety of this script just can't be beat.

Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series

Battlestar Galactica, "Occupation/Precipice"
Ronald D. Moore

Friday Night Lights, "Blinders"
Carter Harris, Bridget Carpenter

Heroes, "Six Months Ago"
Aron Eli Coleite

Lost, "Greatest Hits"
Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis

The Riches, "Cinderella"
Matt Shakman

AND THE EMMY GOES TO... Carter Harris and Bridget Carpenter, but it was a close one. If I was allowed one tie, I'd give it to both FNL and The Riches.

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series

Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

Zach Braff, Scrubs

Steve Carell, The Office

Jason Lee, My Name Is Earl

James Roday, Psych

AND THE EMMY GOES TO... Steve Carell. I mean, Alec Baldwin's amazing, but come on, it's Steve Carell.

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights

Michael C. Hall, Dexter

Eddie Izzard, The Riches

Hugh Laurie, House

David Tennant, Doctor Who

AND THE EMMY GOES TO... Kyle Chandler, hands down.

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series

America Ferrera, Ugly Betty

Tina Fey, 30 Rock

Lauren Graham, Gilmore Girls

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, The New Adventures of Old Christine

Mary-Louise Parker, Weeds

AND THE EMMY GOES TO... Lauren Graham, because it's her last shot at some recognition for all the amazing work she's done on this show.

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series

Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars

Connie Briton, Friday Night Lights

Minnie Driver, The Riches

Mary McDonnell, Battlestar Galactica

Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer

AND THE EMMY GOES TO... Minnie Driver. I wanted to give it to Connie Briton, really I did. But Minnie Driver is just sooooo gooooood.

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series

Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother

Ed Helms, The Office

Justin Kirk, Weeds

John Krasinski, The Office

Jack McBrayer, 30 Rock

John C. McGinley, Scrubs

Ethan Suplee, My Name is Earl

Rainn Wilson, The Office

AND THE EMMY GOES TO... Aaargh, this is hard. But I guess it's gonna have to be Neil Patrick Harris.

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

Enrico Colantoni, Veronica Mars

Nate Corddry, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Michael Emerson, Lost

Zach Gilford, Friday Night Lights

Gregg Henry, The Riches

T.R. Knight, Grey’s Anatomy

Masi Oka, Heroes

AND THE EMMY GOES TO... Zach Gilford. I wanted to give it to Enrico Colantoni, but this season just didn't give him much to do and Gilford is fantastic on Friday Night Lights.

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series

Jenna Fischer, The Office

Conchata Ferrell, Two and a Half Men

Alyson Hannigan, How I Met Your Mother

Angela Kinsey, The Office

Elizabeth Perkins, Weeds

Jaime Pressly, My Name Is Earl

AND THE EMMY GOES TO... Jenna Fischer. No contest.

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series

Katherine Heigl, Grey's Anatomy

Tricia Helfer, Battlestar Galactica

Margo Martindale, The Riches

Sandra Oh, Grey’s Anatomy

Adrianne Palicki, Friday Night Lights

Katee Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica

Chandra Wilson, Grey’s Anatomy

AND THE EMMY GOES TO... Adrianne Palicki. Chandra Wilson's fantastic, but this wasn't her best season and Palicki just got better and better as the season played out.

Outstanding Comedy Series

30 Rock

How I Met Your Mother

My Name Is Earl

The Office


AND THE EMMY GOES TO... The Office. Duh.

Outstanding Drama Series

Battlestar Galactica

The Closer

Friday Night Lights


The Riches

Veronica Mars

AND THE EMMY GOES TO... Friday Night Lights. Without question, the best drama on television last season.
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