hannasus (hannasus) wrote,

Jenna is the new Oomph Girl

Oh my god, ya'll, The Office was so much love last night. Lord, how I've missed that show. And I definitely liked this premiere way better than "Gay Witch Hunt" last year.

Grey's Anatomy was meh, but not bad enough to make me vow to quit the show. As much as Shonda Rhimes pisses me off sometimes, she really does have a knack for creating these magical little quiet moments between characters. All the Meredith/Derek and Izzie/George whinging is almost worth putting up with to get to that one sweet moment between Alex and Christina. Almost. But for the love of Mary-Kate, give Chandra Wilson something to DO.

As for Big Shots... ya'll it was bad. Not just bad, but BAD. Like, I turned it off after 20 minutes bad. Me, who can sit through almost anything. By end of the first act I was thoroughly revolted by all the characters, except Michael Vartan's character, who had about as much personality as... Michael Vartan's characters usually have. Which is to say, none. It reminded me of another awful show about men acting like immature whiny bitches. Remember The Secret Lives of Men? Starring one Mr. Bradley Whitford? Yeah, this show is like that, only extended to an hour. Awesome.
Tags: big shots, grey's anatomy, the office

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