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Honey? Where's my super suit?

Saw The Incredibles today. It was tres good. A little bit more grown-up than standard Pixar fare. There were a lot of explosions and bad guys actually dying (although not on screen). It was just a tad draggy at the beginning, but once Elastigirl gets in the game and the whole family starts being super together it's really a lot of fun. And then we got home and My Boyfriend Jason Lee (did I mention he voices Syndrome?) was on Cartoon Network (which I caught thanks to the Munchkin) promoting the movie so it was a double good double good day.

Oh, and we got the new Star Wars trailer before The Incredibles. It looks good, but I'm sure it will suck suck totally blow. I'm still gonna have to go see it anyway, and then I'll inevitably end up feeling betrayed and angry, with only My Other Boyfriend Obi Wan to console me for sitting through such a steaming pile of crap. But hey, it's got fighting Wookiees! Rowrr!

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