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Or Thursday, watch the walls instead

Ya'll, what is the point of Thursdays now that there are no more new episodes of The Office? I mean, sure, I can watch Earl, 30 Rock and Scrubs, which are great. But it's just not the same. Le sigh.

So this year I've decided to make a bunch of my Christmas presents. And no, I'm not knitting them, because I am a hella slow knitter. I've settled on something more... compact, and that's all I'll say for now. But it requires trips to Michael's. Multiple trips to Michael's, because half the stuff I need is out of stock at one store, so I've got to drive all over creation searching every Michael's in a fifteen mile radius for a few basic supplies. And have I mentioned how much I hate Michael's during the holidays? Crowded, cluttered, understaffed and the whole place reeks of cinnamon potpourri, which of course means that now I smell like cinnamon potpourri. And I *hate* cinnamon potpourri.

Randomly, on the way home, I passed a guy in a chicken suit holding up a sign advertising laser tattoo removal. Um, what? Chicken suit why?

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