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This is a piehouse, not some herbal crack den

Yesterday austin360 and my friend Libby came over for knitting, and since we all love Pushing Daisies I decided to try my hand at the infamous pear pie with gruyere baked into the crust (homeopathic mood enhancers not included).

I followed the recipe Mikaela posted on TV Bacon, which was actually for a spiced apple and pear pie, because a plain pear pie would just be so... well... plain. And I gotta say, ya'll, though I'm not generally a great fan of fruit pies, this one was delish. The pears add a subtle flavor and depth missing from traditional apple pies, and the addition of the cheese to the crust gives it an extra yummy boost.

All prepped and ready for baking...

Fresh out of the oven...

Mmmmm, pie.

Chuck would be so proud of me!
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