hannasus (hannasus) wrote,

*hack* *cough* *sneeze*

The munchkin gave me her cold last week and I have been drowning in my own mucus since Saturday. Nice image, I know. You're welcome. It's not showing any signs of getting better, either, so I have a bad feeling that it's working itself up into a sinus infection. Joy.

In other news, yesterday I rescued a baby possum that was wandering around in the middle of a busy road. There was no sign of his momma or any siblings around so I have no idea how he ended up out there by himself.


We named him Melvin and then took him to the local wildlife rehabilitation center where they will take good care of him and then release him back into the wild when he's old enough.

And finally, I'm sending lots of hugs to mikijean today. May David Tennant's gentle brogue and charming good humor bring you peace during your ordeal.

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