hannasus (hannasus) wrote,

First lines meme

Because it's Labor Day and I'm bored, and because apocalyptothon is going on and I've been reading fic for the first time in a long while (I loves me some apocalyptothon, ya'll), I decided to do that first lines meme.

Giles hears worrisome rumors and Willow has a bad, bad feeling so Buffy calls Faith and Xander rallies the troops and they all show up with an army of reinforcements to save the day. —In the Sun (Angel)

The rusty orange Volkswagen van chugged down Interstate 10, trailing a cloud of burning oil and defeat. —Deep in the Heart (Angel)

It was just a hunting trip. —Raggedy Creek (Jericho)

Jim grabbed a beer from the fridge and sank down on his brand new couch—a couch he had been disappointed to discover was a lot itchier and less comfortable than it had seemed in the store. —Or Forever Hold Your Peace (The Office)

"I'm sorry, what was the question?" —Past Perfect (The Office)

So Keith Mars was alive after all. —Second Hand News (Veronica Mars)

Malcolm Reynolds had never been overly fond of quiet. —Deuce of Hearts (Firefly)

Nothing ever happened the way it was supposed to. —Thinking About Thinking of You (Veronica Mars)

The elevator was coffin-shaped. —Undrowning (Angel)

It was very late at night, on what was once again shaping up to be the end of the world. —Goodbye, Cruel World (Angel)

Kara stared intently at the ceiling of the rack they'd given her on board the Astral Queen. —In Flagrante Delicto (Battlestar Galactica)

No one thought about him on that first, horrible day. —Valley of Ashes (Angel)

Her lips are as soft and warm as the memory of sunlight on his skin. —Curses (Angel)

What did I learn? I like to keep my first lines short and sweet. The fics I enjoyed writing the most were usually the ones that I wrote because the first line came to me out of nowhere. And I miss fic. I wish I had more time and more inspiration so I could get back into it again.

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