hannasus (hannasus) wrote,

Waiting for Ike

Everything movable has been brought in from the yard, we've got the pantry stocked with canned goods and every spare pitcher and large Tupperware filled with drinking water. Also, we've got plenty of wine, rum and fruit juice for making hurricanes, so I think we're officially ready for Ike.

I don't understand people who live outside the storm surge and chose to evacuate. Especially since so many of them left yards full of random crap behind that's liable to get blown into their neighbor's windows. Also, if a tree falls on my house, I personally want to be home so I can throw some tarps over things and move valuables out of the path of destruction. But maybe that's just me.

Anyway, there's a fair chance we're going to lose power, possibly even for days, so I dunno when I'll be able to update again. We're on the west side of town, so the winds won't be as bad as they could be, and we're not overly prone to flooding, so I'm not anticipating anything dire. Not that a power outage in August isn't a bit dire, but we'll survive. Or pack up all the animals and in-laws check into a hotel somewhere with working A/C.
Tags: ike

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