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A sign of the times

Seen at our favorite local empanada restaurant...

Considering that this is suburban Houston, I'm a little shocked. I mean, I'd seen polls indicating that Harris County might actually go Democrat, but I hardly dared to hope.

I will be so relieved when tomorrow is over. I'm sick of the news coverage, sick of neverending phone calls, and sick of my email inbox being clogged with messages begging for more money. We've already contributed to all the Democrats! A lot. Which is, of course, why we're on so many lists. But oh my god leave us alone, already. Seriously, we just got ANOTHER CALL while I was typing this.

I am gonna get so drunk tomorrow, no matter what happens.

On a less negative note, this story made me all sniffly:

My wife made me canvass for Obama; here's what I learned

P.S. Am I totally dork because I changed my mood from "hopeful" to "optimistic" because the hopeful picture was of Jim at "Phyllis' Wedding" (and we all know how that turned out)?

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