hannasus (hannasus) wrote,

Checking in

A lot's been happening in Susville lately, so I thought I'd better update ya'll lest you think I'd dropped off the face of the earth. Here are the highlights (and lowlights) in bullet form:

- My dad had a partial cornea transplant in one eye last week. He's got a condition called Fuch's Dystrophy which was exacerbated by his cataract surgery to the point that he was coming dangerously close to total blindness. Fortunately, the transplant went well and his vision is already improving. The new tissue attached successfully so now we've just got to wait for it to heal and hope it stays that way. And then in a year or so we get to do it all over again in the other eye. Joy.

- We had to put Bailey, our kitty of almost 15 years, to sleep yesterday. He was diagnosed with kidney disease a few years ago and he's been hanging in there like a trooper, but over the last week his kidney function started to decrease dramatically. He was old and I knew it was coming, but it's still hard to say goodbye to someone who's been in your family for so long. Also, the fact that a cat Mr. Sus and I got after we were married has now died of old age makes me feel old.

- In happier news, we've decided to put our house on the market and finally move into a bigger house in town, which we've wanted to do for a long time. We talked to a realtor, who thinks that we've got a good chance of selling this one for a good price despite the market. So now we're in a frenzy of trying to get the place all gussied up, including new counters, sink and cooktop in the kitchen and new paint on the exterior. Right now there are three guys in my kitchen cutting tile and two guys outside sanding the fascia board. Not restful. And poor Mr. Sus is in bed with the flu.

- But we found a house we like! Actually, we found three, but one we like more than the others. So keep your fingers crossed that our house sells quickly before anyone else swoops in and takes our new house.

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