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Knitting afghan squares for Australian wildfire victims

I saw this message from a yarn store in Australia posted on another blog and wanted to pass it on to my knitter friends:

Hello Everyone,

Many of you won't be able to read this immediately as you will be the ones most affected by the recent fire storm tragedies here in Victoria. If that is you, my sincerest thoughts are with you and yours. All strength and courage to you.

To everyone else, a small, informal request. It you felt like it, I have given specifications below for a simple knitted moss stitch square in 8 ply double knitting. To anyone with a spare ball and a few hours, would you like to knit a square and send to me? I will be stitching them into rugs and taking them to families I know who are directly affected by the fires. Some have lost not only their homes and businesses but whole families of children and grandchildren. It seemed to me that the kindness of strangers and small acts from their hands may give strength and courage for the journey ahead.

I am more than willing and happy to send a ball of wool to anyone who needs it to make a square and just ask that the colours be those of life and regeneration - greens, blues and the soothing browns of the earth. If you would like to, I would like to add your name (first name only) and where you come from to cards to enclose with the rugs. Please let me know if I can do this on your behalf.

Solidarity Square: On 5mm needles and using any 8 ply (double knitting) wool cast on 39 stitches. Using Moss Stitch ( knit 1 purl 1 knit 1 purl 1 etc all the time, every row) work 21 cm. Cast off. (in Moss Stitch or just knit stitch if you prefer).

Post to PO BOX 518 Mooroolbark 3138 Victoria. I will take photos of the finished rugs and email out before I give them.

Thank you everyone.

Safety and solace,
Corinne at Thicket.
info @ thicket.com.au

I emailed Corinne to make sure she didn't mind if I reposted the info and she added the following:

These rugs will go directly to those affected, not through an agency. I have teed up my Dad to take to his friends who were burnt out, homes, business and families too. Then my old boss and I will go to see families who have lost one time patients of ours and current patients who are pregnant and lost it all. There are others too but it will really help these families to know strength is sent to them in this simple way.

Can I just ask that when you send the square make sure the creators first name and where they come from are pinned to the squares? I am going to do calico cards to stitch to the back of the rug with contributors names written in indelible ink. A lasting greeting of goodwill.

I've already started knitting my squares with some leftover Knit Picks Merino Style (almost done with the first one!). And I thought maybe some of ya'll with knitting blogs and/or a wider readership than my little ole LJ might want to repost as well.

Or you can always make a donation to the Australian Red Cross if you're so moved.
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