hannasus (hannasus) wrote,

Whaddup, knitta?

One of the things I love about my town is that we've got a really strong urban art community. Case in point, Knitta, Please, which started here (and happens to be name-checked in the latest Interweave Knits). So yesterday the munchkin and I were walking the neighbor's dog and what should we see not three houses down from ours?

Knitta graffiti

Now I haven't been doing a lot of walking the last few weeks because it's been so freaking hot (heat index of 109 today), but I know that wasn't there a month ago. And then as we were making the block, we found this on the street behind us:

Knitta graffiti

I love my new neighborhood!

In other news we're leaving in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow and driving to Florida with the MIL to spend the weekend at the beach in celebration of her 70th birthday. The SIL and new BIL will be joining us, which will make this the longest amount of time I've ever spent with my SIL in the 16 years I've been married to Mr. Sus. The drive is gonna suck, but I'm actually quite excited about the rest of it. Yay beach! And we're spending a night in New Orleans on the way back, which is going to rock. Beignets and cafe au lait here I come! We're also going to stop by Metairie Cemetery and see what I need to do in order to put my mom's ashes in our family tomb. Yes, as a matter of fact she is still in a cardboard box in our closet. That's not weird, is it?

And hopefully, when I get back I'll have even more fic to post! I've been poking through the dusty old drawers of my hard drive and found a couple of fics that are really pretty close to being finished. So I'm just gonna give them a bit of spit and polish (one of them is literally a single paragraph away from being done) and release them into the wild.

I can't believe the munchkin goes back to school in two and half weeks. Where did the summer go?
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