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Happy (somewhat belated) New Year's greetings! I'm back from my hiatus, just in time for all the panic spreading across LJ about the Movable Type merger. Whee! No time for a long update today, but I wanted to post two items of interest.

Firstly… "CNN Will Cancel 'Crossfire' and Cut Ties to Commentator" (New York Times)

From the article: Mr. Klein (the new CNN president) specifically cited the criticism that the comedian Jon Stewart leveled at "Crossfire" when he was a guest on the program during the presidential campaign. Mr. Stewart said that ranting partisan political shows on cable were "hurting America."

Mr. Klein said last night, "I agree wholeheartedly with Jon Stewart's overall premise." He said he believed that especially after the terror attacks on 9/11, viewers are interested in information, not opinion.

WA-freaking-HOO! Also, neener-neener.

Secondly, I'm guessing most of ya'll were watching the season premiere of Alias last night and not West Wing, and I can't hardly blame you. However, as I sat down to watch another blechy episode of TWW (not being much an Alias fan myself), the words "Written by Bradley Whitford" flashed on screen. I had no idea he was writing! Why didn't anyone tell me he was writing? It was fairly damn good, too. I mean, he had to advance some story arcs that I'm not wild about, but he definitely brought the funny, and the characters didn't feel like a betrayal of the old days. They actually resembled the people that we used to know and love. Go Brad! If they could get him to write more episodes I might start caring about the show again, instead of just tuning in for a cheap glimpse of Josh's dimples.
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