hannasus (hannasus) wrote,

She thinks I'm too critical. That's another fault of hers.

The new fall TV season so far ...

Three episodes in and Terriers continues to be my favorite new show. Otherwise, the networks seem to have done me a favor by not putting out any great new shows that I absolutely have to watch. So thanks, I guess, for being so considerate of my busy schedule.

Nikita is exactly what you think it's going to be. It's basically Human Target with a less impressive cast. I like Maggie Q and Aaron Stanford (when did Pyro get so puffy?), but Shane West has always made my skin crawl for reasons I can't articulate. Also, it weirds me out to see the daughter from How I Met Your Mother. If I had more time I might keep watching, but all my guilty pleasure slots are already filled.

Hawaii 5-0 was fine for what it is. Alex O'Laughlin continues to have the range and charisma of a piece of cardboard with a frown painted on it. I do not understand why CBS is so determined to build a show around this guy. Daniel Dae Kim was about interesting on this as he was on Angel, which is to say, not interesting at all. And I have hate in my heart for the writers who decided Grace Park's character, the ONLY female on the team, needed to be mostly naked in two of her three scenes in the pilot. Not that Grace Park's exactly a master-level thespian, but she can do more than show off her abs. Scott Caan is adorable but has no hope of overcoming the sucking personality vacuum generated by the rest of the cast. The poor guy might as well be acting opposite a cinderblock wall. And as for the dialogue, it was pretty much wall-to-wall cliches. Still, it's no worse than most other cop shows on TV, really.

Chase was just as much of a walking cliche, but it's a little more up my alley because the female lead was not required to take her clothes off once in order to further the plot. And I like ass-kicking women. In cowboy boots. With southern accents. Even if it's a Georgia accent instead of Texas one, at least it's authentic. They went a little overboard with the country-western attire and music, though. I've lived in various parts of Texas all my life and I have never seen anyone walking around in full-on Roy Rogers & Dale Evans get-ups, not even at the damn rodeo. I also don't know anyone who can recite Waylon Jennings' discography by heart. I'm just saying.

Undercovers was a big pile of meh. It didn't have any of the snap, crackle and pop I expect of a J.J. Abrams pilot and the lead characters, while certainly pretty, are almost completely devoid of personality. Pretty's nice, but it's not enough to carry a show. Also, it feels like it's both too serious about the spy genre and not serious enough. I want my spy shows to be either humorous fluff like Chuck, or seriously edgy shit like Spooks. Undercovers occupies some bland middle-ground that frankly bored me to tears. I've about decided the spy show is played out, which makes me sad for the O'Quinn/Emerson/Abrams project in the works.

Lone Star was not what I expected, thanks to Fox's abysmally inappropriate marketing campaign. It's not actually a soap about a high-roller who jumps between the beds of his two wives. What it is, is a fairly interesting drama about a con man who wants to go straight but simply doesn't have the tools, thanks to the emotionally crippling upbringing of his jackhole of a father. Not only does the lead kind of look like a younger Kyle Chandler, but one of his wives is played by Adrianne Palicki. And it's got a bit of a FNL vibe, if Coach was a con man with a heart of gold. It's not anywhere near as good as FNL, of course, but it's got potential (and a good soundtrack, although the pilot relied too heavily on montages set to poignant indy music). It will likely never realize any of that potential, however, thanks to the low ratings of the premiere. I'll be surprised if it's not he first cancellation of the season.

As for the comedies, I always feel like they take a little longer to find their feet than the dramas, so I don't like to rush to judgment until I've seen a few episodes. Remember how bad the 30 Rock pilot was? Yeah, me too. Or how about those first few episodes of The Office? *shudder*

That said, Shit My Dad Says was the most putrid, steaming pile of crap I've seen in a long time. I lasted all of four minutes into the pilot before shutting it off. I only watched it in the first place because Mr. Sus loves the book and did not believe me that there was no chance it was going to be good. There are no good comedies on CBS (How I Met Your Mother being the exception that proves the rule.)

Raising Hope has potential. I always enjoyed My Name Is Earl even if it was never one of my all-time super-favorite shows, and Greg Garcia has given RH a very similar flavor. I am a little scarred by the idea of Martha Plimpton playing a grandmother, and it's hard to get used to seeing Garrett Dillahunt playing something other than a bad guy, but I'm a sucker for a Loggins & Messina song.

Running Wilde was a little painful, but not entirely unwatchable. I keep reminding myself that Arrested Development was an acquired taste that took a few episodes to sink its hooks into me. But I'm not sure a show with all the clueless selfishness of GOB, Lindsey and Tobias is going to be enjoyable without Michael, George Michael and Maeby to provide counterpoint. Hopefully Mitch Hurwitz will figure this out and do something about it. STAT.

Outsourced was not good. Then again, it was no worse than The Big Bang Theory, and that's one of the most popular comedies on TV. (How is that even possible? Someone please explain the appeal of that show to me, because I just DO NOT GET IT. I know a lot of geek icons love it, but I find it so belittling as to be unwatchable.) And it was leaps and bounds ahead of Shit My Dad Says. And let's not forget how long it took Park & Recreation to evolve into a marginally entertaining show. *shrug* I'll give Outsourced another week or two just to see where it's going.

Shows I deleted without even bothering to watch: Hellcats, Mike & Molly, Better With You, Outlaw, The Event, My Generation.

Shows still waiting for me to watch or to admit I'm not going to get around to watching: Detroit 1-8-7, The Whole Truth, Blue Bloods.

Seriously, could they not come up with any more lawyer or cop shows? I feel like there just aren't enough of those on TV these days. *eyeroll*

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