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So, were those Golden Globes random or what? I mean, Shatner??? For the love of cheese, people. I only got nine predictions right this year. Out of 24! Not good.

Mr. Sus and I saw House of Flying Daggers yesterday. Awesome. I think I liked Hero better, though. But I'm pretty much the only person on earth who does. Whatever, they're both great and utterly beautiful. And we picked up the Hero DVD on the way home from the theater yesterday, so yay!

Before the movie we got a trailer for Kingdom of Heaven. It basically looks like Gladiator II: The Crusades, but Orlando has got some serious pretty working for him. And since I've got a major soft spot for Gladiator, I'll probably go see it. Unless, like Troy, the reviews are so bad I decide not to bother.

Oh, and I got my ears double pierced last week. Don't know why, really, but I'd just had a hankering to do it and so I did. In six short weeks I can start wearing those cute little matched sets of earrings. Yes, apparently I am 13.

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