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I keep wanting to do an LJ update, but I just don't have anything to say that seems worthy of a whole post. Therefore I will present this post in the form of a list of random things that are true.

- Summer is here and it is HOT. And while the rest of the country has been having a violently stormy spring, we're in the midst of a severe drought down here. Considering our climate generally resembles a rainforest, this is a Big Deal.

- I have been a movie-going fool lately. I've seen Thor (more fun than I expected, but not a great movie), Bridesmaids (not as funny as I'd hoped, but still enjoyable) and X-Men: First Class (fantastic). This weekend I think I'm going to see if I can talk Mr. Sus and the munchkin into going to see Super 8 with me.

- The White Collar season premiere was surprisingly good. Now that Kate's out of the picture, I have hopes that they'll keep the focus where it belongs: Neal's relationship with Peter. With as much bonus Mozzie as they can squeeze in there.

- Leverage comes back in a couple of weeks and I am totes excited. I miss my goofy, wonderful show when it goes away. Maybe this summer I'll even finish that Leverage/Warehouse 13 crossover fic I started a while back.

- Speaking of fic, instead of working on the novel I'm supposed to be writing, I've been simultaneously writing both my serial X-Men fic and a Castle fic. Yep, I've committed my first act of Castle fic. This is what happens when I happen to be reading Raymond Chandler's short stories at the same time the Castle season finale airs. And then I play a lot of LA Noire and the next thing I know I've written an AU story starring Castle as a hard-boiled private detective in 1940s Los Angeles. And shockingly, I actually finished it last night! I just have to go back and do some editing/revising/proofreading and it'll be ready to post.

- And not only did I write a fic, I seem to have made art to go with it:

End list.
Tags: castle, leverage, white collar, x-men

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