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The one where I gush about Leverage

Y'all, I love this show SO much, and I am so damn happy it's back. I was kind of lukewarm on some of last season, and felt like that stupid Italian chick ruined a lot of it for me, but now she is gone and my team is back and YAY! Even though sometimes I feel like it's a little too pulpy, and the villains a little too mustache-twirly, and it's prone to act-outs with cliched, posturing declarations that would be more at home on an 1980s action show than one written in 2011, I DON'T CARE, I still love it. Although really, it's mostly Hardison, Eliot and Parker that I love.

Nate and his alcoholism and his supposed dark side interest me not at all. They could seriously stop dropping anvils on the audience about his drinking any time now, because we've been there, done that, and we passed the point where I stopped caring a long time ago. It also leads to a lot of extremely tedious speechifying from Sophie, whom I'm also not super in love with. I like Gina Bellman fine, but I don't think she's a versatile enough actor to pull off a grifter like Sophie very effectively. I also don't care what Sophie's real name is. And I REALLY don't care if those two kids ever get together. Seriously, could not be more bored.

Hardison, Eliot and Parker, on the other hand, can pretty much do anything and I will still love them. The bickering and the ribbing and the teamwork and the way they all kick ass in their own way and they've always got each others' backs pushes all my happy buttons. I love Hardison and Parker's awkward, tentative motions towards a romantic relationship. I love Hardison and Eliot's big brother/little brother push and shove and the moments when they get past that enough to actually be friends. And I love how Eliot and Parker are the two toughest, most straightforward, physically competent members of the team and the innate bond between them because of it.

The chemistry between those three actors is such that I kinda sort ship them in pretty much any combination. And if you've known me for any length of time, you know I'm not a slasher. I mean, I GET Angel/Spike and Charles/Xavier, but beyond that I usually don't really see it. I'm too much of a canon whore, I think. Unless the UST is actually implied in the source material, I'm just not interested in going there. Hardison/Parker/Eliot, on the other hand, I would follow anywhere.

I don't care if their relationships are portrayed as fraternal, platonic, or romantic, I'll take them in any context. Which makes me something of an anomaly in fandom, because usually you're expected to pick a side and defend it to the death. Not gonna do it. I like Hardison/Parker AND Eliot/Parker. So there. Although really, I think I ship Hardison/Parker on the actual show, and Eliot/Parker in my head, if that makes any sense. I don't really want to see them explore E/P romantically on the show, but I'm perfectly happy to read all of the fics. And I don't really feel a burning urge to read tons of H/P fics, because I feel like they've already got that covered on the show. And E/H just means more Eliot and more Hardison and I'll always take that.

Also--and this was never something I properly appreciated when he was on Angel--Christian Kane is just so damned pretty. With the muscles and the punching people and the hair and the frown and the accent and ... *sigh*. Funnily, he reminds me a lot of Boreanaz, in that he plays a character I love desperately and dearly, but is someone I suspect I would not find very charming in real life. Listening to him in interviews (and based on the lyrics of his songs, which--oh honey, bless your little heart *pets*) he just reminds me way too much of every other good ol' boy I grew up with around here. Nice southern manners, but a basically shallow womanizer at heart. Thanks, but no thanks. Still ... pretty.

So pretty that the other day I watched this abysmal low-budget rom-com called Her Minor Thing starring him and Michael Weatherly (and Rachel Dratch, of all people--oh Rachel, honey, what are you doing?). It was a TERRIBLE movie that trotted out every single romance trope in the book (to the extent that I started to wonder if they'd cribbed it from something they found on fanfiction.net). But my GOD the hotness. Christian Kane as a scrumptious, sensitive cowboy with a broken heart? (He's even a PHOTOGRAPHER for God's sake--he's so sensitive because he's an ARTIST, y'all!) Who meets cute with the female lead in a coffee shop, woos her, and then sweeps her off her feet? Hot damn, y'all. I'm embarrassed to have watched it, and yet it was totally worth it, just for the unadulterated hotness. Also, he was wearing a Houston Rodeo t-shirt at one point which totally made me squee because that's my hometown rodeo!

So yeah. I'll be in my bunk.
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