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[Sticky] Master Fic Post

I write fic. Most of it is long. And plotty. And gen. But not always. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's sad. Sometimes it's both at once. I'm unpredictable that way. All of it is teen friendly, as long as you don't mind a little swearing. I like to swear.

If you read something you like here please consider leaving a comment, even if it's just to say hi. It'll make my day.

All of my fics are also archived at AO3. If you'd prefer to read them there, please form an orderly line and proceed thisaway.

THE AVENGERS (movieverse)

"Principles of Fluid Dynamics"
(Ensemble, Gen)
There’s no such thing as the Avengers. Not according to SHIELD, anyway.

"Fanfare for the Common Man"
(JARVIS + Ensemble, Gen)
~700 words
Not all of the Avengers took to JARVIS right away. Written for avengers_land's Technology Wants a Movie Challenge.

"Two Truths and Lie"
(Clint/Natasha + Coulson, Romance, Pre-canon)
~12,000 words
Clint and Natasha remember Budapest very differently. Written for avengers_land's Deep Cover Challenge.

(Clint + Natasha + Coulson, Gen, Pre-canon)
~1,600 words
Ever since the incident in Sao Paolo, S.H.I.E.L.D. had been tracking a former Russian asset codenamed Black Widow. Written for avengers_land's Amnesty Challenge.


"Clouds Like Platypuses"
(Parker + Eliot, Angst, Future Fic)
~1,100 words
He’d always been there to take care of them, and no one ever wondered who’d take care of him. Written for leverageland's Forever Alone Challenge.

"An Ever-Fixed Mark"
(Parker/Hardison + Parker/Eliot, Angst, Romance)
~1,200 words
A modern-day retelling of Sense and Sensibility via the Leverage characters. Written for leverageland's GoodWrites Challenge.

"The Pig in a Poke Job"
(Team, Gen, Humor)
~400 words
Sometimes Parker takes things a little too literally. Written for leverageland's Pros & Cons Challenge.

"Nobody's Girl"
(Eliot + Parker, Gen)
~700 words
Long before "The Nigerian Job," Eliot encountered a thief named Parker. Written for leverageland's Flashback Challenge.

"The Perfect Space"
(Eliot, Gen, Angst)
~7,000 words
After the San Lorenzo job, Eliot goes home to visit his family. Written for leverageland's Big Bang Challenge.

"Situation Normal: All F---ed Up"
(Eliot + Nate, Gen, Angst)
~500 words
Written for leverageland's Rest in Pieces Challenge. The prompt was Major Character Death. You've been warned.

"How Tara Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Patsy Cline"
(Tara/Eliot, Romance)
~2,800 words
He was non-specific about the nature of the job on the phone. The only thing he was specific about was how she should dress and the fact that she wasn’t to breathe a word about it to Sophie or anyone else.

"Auld Lang Syne"
(Hardison/Parker, Romance)
~800 words
It was important to get this New Year’s thing right, after all.

"Blue Danube"
(Eliot/Parker, Romance)
~700 words
Eliot teaches Parker to waltz.

"Five Times Parker Lied to Eliot"
(Parker + Eliot, Gen)
~700 words
I think the title pretty much says it all.

"The Warehouse 13 Job"
(Ensemble, Gen)
~10,500 words
A Leverage/Warehouse 13 crossover in which the Leverage crew crosses paths with Pete and Myka, Parker falls under the control of an artifact, and Eliot gets electrocuted. A lot. Written for leverageland's Secret Agent Challenge.

"Facing the Bullets"
(Hardison + Eliot, Humor, Action)
~1600 words
There's no escape in sight for our good guys, so obviously it's time to fire off a killer one-liner. Written for leverageland's TV Tropin' Challenge.

"A Week in the Life of Eliot Spencer"
(Eliot, Humor)
~600 words
A week's worth of entries in Eliot's journal. Set during the events of "The Boiler Room Job." Written for leverageland's Dear Diary Challenge.

"Mine's Not a High Horse"
(Eliot/Parker, Romance)
~3,500 words
Five times Eliot and Parker don't kiss and one time they do.

"One False Move"
(Eliot + Parker, Gen)
~700 words
Eliot is slightly out of it after a fight and when Parker pokes something painful he just *reacts*. Written for comment_fic.

"Roll Away Your Stone"
(Eliot + Parker, Gen)
~1,200 words
Parker knows things about Eliot. Secret things. Things the others don’t know.

"Somebody's Crying"
(Eliot + Hardison/Parker, Humor, Romance)
~700 words
No one makes Parker cry and lives to tell about it. Written for comment_fic.

"I and Love and You"
(Hardison/Parker + Eliot, Humor, Romance)
~1,300 words
Three words that became hard to say: I and love and you. A sequel to "Somebody's Crying."

"Stay on the Ride (It’s Gonna Take You Somewhere)"
(Eliot + Parker + Ensemble, Gen, Action/Adventure, Angst)
~8,000 words
As he dangled over the edge of the ravine, forty feet above the ground below, Eliot wondered when, exactly, everything had gone so completely to shit.

"Texts From This Morning"
(Ensemble, Humor)
~600 words
A series of texts between Eliot and the rest of the team on the morning after "The Carnival Job" (4x06). Written for comment_fic.


"These Memories Pass"
(Olivia/Peter, Angst)
~300 words
She does not want to share her name with that woman any more than she wants to share her sheets or her clothes or her hairbrush.


"The Warehouse 13 Job"
(Ensemble, Gen)
~10,500 words
A Leverage/Warehouse 13 crossover in which the Leverage crew crosses paths with Pete and Myka, Parker falls under the control of an artifact, and Eliot gets electrocuted. A lot. Written for leverageland's Secret Agent Challenge.

X-MEN (movieverse)

"More Human Than Human"
(Wolverine + Psylocke + Ensemble, Action/Adventure)
WIP, ~14,800 words to date
An ongoing serial that introduces Psylocke to the movieverse, drawing on her comic origins, but rebooted and reinvented. Picks up several months after X2 ends. It might be a few weeks or even a few months between updates, but I am still actively writing this one. Don't despair.


"How Come You Never Go There"
(Beckett/Esposito, Romance)
~1,100 words
He’s not really the work late on a Friday type. She ought to know, because she’s here more Friday nights than she’s not.

"A Kiss To Die For"
(Castle/Beckett, AU, Noir, Mystery, Action/Adventure, Romance)
~10,000 words
Rick Castle re-imagined as a hard-boiled private detective in 1940s Los Angeles, with Kate Beckett as the femme fatale who gets him into trouble. Inspired by the short stories of Raymond Chandler.


"Miss Austen and Dr. Smith"
(Ten + Jane Austen, Mystery, Action/Adventure, Regency)
~10,800 words
Ten bumps into Jane Austen in 1799. There's some dancing and some aliens and the inevitable hijinks, etc., etc., etc.


"Valley of Ashes"
(Willow + Angel + Ensemble, Angst, Grief)
~3,800 words
Willow goes to L.A. to break the news of Buffy's death to Angel. Crossover post-ep for "The Gift" (5x22) and "There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb" (2x22).

(Angel + Ensemble, Angst, Grief)
~1,600 words
How was one supposed go about comparison shopping for funeral homes, anyway? Post-ep for "You're Welcome" (5x12), because Cordelia deserves to be mourned properly.

"In the Sun"
(Angel/Buffy, Angst, Romance)
~4,000 words
As it turns out, he doesn't make a very good human. He should have remembered this about himself. Post-NFA fic written for iwry_marathon.

(Angel + Ensemble, Action/Adventure, Humor)
~10,000 words
Someone's put a curse on Angel. Again. The team turns to Lorne's psychic friend Aggie for help.

Series: Afterlife
A virtual season six series that reboots the show in a new setting. After the showdown with Wolfram & Hart, Angel, Spike and Aggie (Lorne's psychic friend from "Under the Rainbow") flee to Texas and find themselves helping the hopeless again.

Episode 6x01 "Goodbye, Cruel World"
~4,400 words
It was very late at night, on what was once again shaping up to be the end of the world. Picks up where "Not Fade Away" left off but probably makes more sense if you've read the prequel, "Curses," listed above.

Episode 6x02 "Deep in the Heart"
~10,000 words
The rusty orange Volkswagen van chugged down Interstate-10, trailing a cloud of burning oil and defeat. A psychic and two cranky vampires drive across country and encounter Burkles, predatory redneck women, and a homicidal maniac on the run.

Episode 6x03 "Lost and Found"
~13,000 words
Clean this, kill that, answer the sodding door. Next he’d be hand washing her scanties for her. What happens when three haunted people move into a haunted house. Also: giant cockroaches, an old lady wielding a knitting needle, a deceptively hot tranny, and a lost little girl.


"Deuce of Hearts"
(Ensemble, Action/Adventure, Humor, Angst)
~22,000 words
Money's tight, jobs are scarce, the crew's at each others' throats, and Kaylee gets kidnapped. Not overly shippery, but there's some Mal/Inara and some Zoe/Wash (and even some Mal/Kaylee, but Not In That Way). Written for truthsome_fic.


Series: Farther Still to the Sun
A series of stories about the women who might have crossed paths with Aragorn while he was traveling Middle-earth in his early years. Was originally going to be a Five Things fic, but so far I've only gotten around to finishing these two.

"Bronwe of Eriador"
(Aragorn/OC, Angst, Romance)
~4,700 words

"Eadwyn of Rohan"
(Aragorn/OC, Action/Adventure, Romance)
~4,200 words


"Raggedy Creek"
(Jake/Heather + Eric, Action/Adventure, Romance)
~8,000 words
Eric, Jake and Heather run into trouble on a hunting trip.


"Or Forever Hold Your Peace"
(Jim/Pam, UST, Angst)
~2,000 words
At the end of his first day at the Stamford branch, Jim finds out about Pam's canceled wedding.

"Past Perfect" (co-written with austin360)
(Jim/Pam, Romance, UST, Humor)
~14,900 words
Jim and Pam are officially dating. Well, they're going out on a date, anyway. But things don't exactly go smoothly after "The Job."


"Thinking About Thinking of You"
(Logan/Veronica, Romance, Angst)
~1,800 words
He wondered if she was just a figment of his imagination--a dream conjured out of Scotch and loneliness and room service fries. Post-ep for "Donut Run" (2x11).

"Second Hand News"
(Logan/Veronica, Romance, Angst)
~1,000 words
Veronica's dad is alive after all. Logan's isn't. Missing scene for "Not Pictured" (2x22).


"In Flagrante Delicto"
(Kara/Lee, Romance)
~1,000 words
Kara can't stop thinking about Lee after she returns from Caprica. And apparently he's been doing some thinking about her as well. Written for bubbleficathon.


"Boys Are Dumb, Throw Soaps at Them"
(C.J./Josh, Humor, Romance)
~2,900 words
Early in Bartlet's first campaign, C.J. is just getting to know Josh Lyman. A little too well. Written for bubbleficathon.

(FYI: My earliest forays into West Wing fan fic are not archived on either either LJ or AO3 because, in retrospect, they are WAY too embarrassingly awful. Last I checked, they were still floating around out there on the interwebs somewhere, but I'll be damned if I'm going to help anyone find them. :p)

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