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I’m so glad I don’t live in the real world

Leverage got renewed for a fifth season! Hooray! I was starting to get a bit worried because there were some rumors earlier in the week that it wasn't getting picked up. And even though I knew it was probably just unfounded paranoia sparked by Eureka's cancellation, I couldn't help but fret. This season has been so much better than the last (although I still say season one was the best) and I would be so sad if there weren't any more to look forward to.

Y'all have probably noticed I've been writing a lot of fic lately. It's not so much that I've been writing more lately, but that I've been trying to write shorter fics instead of the neverending (and rarely completed) epics I usually write. It's good for me, I think, because I tend to get my ideas on a grand scale but when it comes to the small chunks of individual scenes I often run into trouble. Forcing myself to come up with concise, discrete bits of narrative that still manage to have a satisfying beginning, middle and end without meandering unnecessarily is good discipline. So I've been spending a lot of time surfing comment_fic lately looking for juicy prompts.

And I have to say, I'm finding Leverage fandom to be truly lovely. Despite the multitude of ship combos to choose from, everyone seems to play fairly nicely together. They're also very friendly and generous about commenting on fic, which is extremely gratifying and, I'm not gonna lie, makes me want to write more for them. I haven't had this much response to my fics since I first started writing Buffy & AtS. And since so often I seem to end up writing for a fandom only after the show has gone off the air, it's nice to get in on the squee while it's still relevant.

I know, y'all are probably wondering when I'm going to shut up about Leverage already. Answer: As soon as Fringe comes back in the fall, probably.
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