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Illusion, Michael, a trick is something a whore does for money ... or candy

Doctor Who comes back on Saturday and I find I don't care at all. This makes me sad. I suppose I'll probably watch, but I won't like it. *whine*

Also, the fact that Sunday's Leverage is the mid-season finale makes me sad. I'm not sure I can wait until November for more eps. I may actually die. On the bright side, Mark Sheppard will be back as Sterling and I adore Sterling. Also, this preview clip with Sterling and Eliot bickering is amazeballs and almost kinda sorta makes me want to go find Sterling/Eliot fic. The fact that Mark Sheppard said in the interview that “I think [Eliot] genuinely doesn’t know if he wants to kiss [Sterling] or kill him” does not help at all. Don't look at me like that! It's not my fault, it's Mark Sheppard's!

I haven't done a meme in ages, have I? Let's see if we can't remedy that:

Give me a character from a fandom I'm familiar with, and I will tell you three to five bits of personal canon about them.

Play with me! I'm bored!
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