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I've been bad about updating, haven't I? Mostly because I haven't had much to talk about. And on the rare occasions when there is something to report, I'm too busy to stop and post about it, and by the time things slow down I've forgotten what I wanted to say.

Anyway, let's see, what's been going on... Mostly I've been watching TV and movies the last few days.

I saw The Aviator yesterday. It was okay. Leo was truly impressive, and Cate was beyond amazing, but overall I was kind of bored. It just didn't seem to hang together well--I certainly wouldn't classify it as a great film. It felt like your average TV miniseries biopic, where they just string together a bunch of events from someone's life and call it a movie. Taken individually, most scenes were more or less interesting, but at the end of it all I didn't know what it was supposed to be about. It just didn't seem to have anything to say, other than, "Here's some stuff Howard Hughes did." Eh. Made me want to go watch Melvin and Howard again. Now that is a great movie about Howard Hughes.

Mr. Sus and I Netflixed Shaolin Soccer over the weekend. It was awesome! It's like a martial arts movie made by the Farrelly brothers. If the Farrelly brothers were Chinese. Lots of fun. I can't wait for Stephen Chow's next film, Kung Fu Hustle, to come out here.

Oh, and have I mentioned I love Trio? On Sunday they showed a marathon of "Spaced," a Brit sitcom by the guys who did Shaun of the Dead (a movie I'm dying to see but has a "very long wait" on Netflix--boo). "Spaced" is really hilarious. Sort of like "Coupling," only all the characters are geeks and look like regular humans rather than supermodels.

Plus, all this week Trio's rerunning "Deadline" as part of their Brilliant But Canceled programming. I love "Deadline." It's got possibly the best cast ever assembled for a network television show.

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