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Okay, so the fic I tried to rec this morning turned out to be flocked, so... moving on to another one for the time being.

Title: “Five Ways NFA Probably Didn’t End”
Author: lettered
Fandom: Angel
Characters/Pairing: Angel, Connor, Spike, Buffy, Dawn and others
Rating: NC-17-ish
WIP?: No
Summary: The title pretty much says it all, I think. The warnings are also pretty telling: “Sex, violence, sex and violence, weirdly kinky in a place or two. Er, and some parts may be sad.” So, that.

Why This Must Be Read: This fic actually leaves me kind of speechless. And I usually end up going back and rereading it again immediately because it's so textured it takes me two passes to absorb it properly. It almost reminds me of Virginia Woolf, but in a good way, not in a turgid, what-the-fuck-is-this-crazy-chick-trying-to-say kind of way. The wordplay is unimaginably rich, the intertwining of the characters and events is exquisite, and the dialogue kicks serious amounts of ass. It is not, however, an entirely happy set of stories, but it’s not entirely sad, either.

Something was infesting this city of Angel’s, writhing up the road branches, those crumbled monuments to asphalt, now churning with demons and dead and a lost walkie-talkie...


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