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Angel/Lindsey Picspam - "Dead End"

Here's an Angel/Lindsey picspam I made for ghoulfang for leverageland's Halloween Week(end) Bash Gift Giving. I chose "Dead End" because it's one of my top ten Angel episodes, and my all-time favorite Lindsey episode. The banter between them in this episode is so awesome it's practically out of character.

Hi. You probably don’t remember me. Cordelia? I know you're evil and everything, but that was just so amazing.
That was kind of tight.
Terrific, really.
Is everyone drunk?

You got no business! What—why aren't you trying to kill me?!
Excuse me. I’m on a case here, Lindsey. Does everything always have to be about killing you all the time?
That’s my lead! You’re choking my lead!
He’s my lead! He’s my lead! What, are we in the schoolyard here? Look, if you wanna get to the bottom of this, you gotta learn how to play with others.

You know, I know you’re Mr. Save-a-Soul now, but at least you used to throw down with your enemies. What do wanna do now? You wanna share?
I guess it’s a lot to carry. I mean, losing Darla—and even me in a way, as a place to focus your rage. It’s ironic. I mean, here you are, you’re young and healthy, good job, new hand. Seems like the more you get, the less you have. Am I getting through here? You just keep on moping. You’re good at that.

You could’ve had it. But you didn’t have what it takes … an evil hand. I mean, come on, who here does, huh? Leon doesn’t. Charlie doesn’t. You do know you gave me an evil hand, right? I’ve been writing kill, kill, kill on everything. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. Anything could happen!

Lilah is your guy. Me, I’m unreliable. I’ve got these evil hand issues … and I’m bored with this crap. And besides, I’m leaving, so … if you wanna chase me, be my guest. And remember … evil.

If you’re here to kill me, grab a ticket and get in line.
Oh, I really like this truck. Fifty-six, right? First year they had that wrap-around windshield. You know, back in the Fifties we all thought life was gonna be like in the Jetsons by now. Air cars, robots. I’d love to have an air car. Wouldn’t that be cool?
So you’re here to talk me to death?

I hope you’re not waiting for me to tell you that I learned some kind of a lesson. That I had a big moral crisis, but now I see the light.
If you told me that, then I’d have to kill you. I’m just here to say bon voyage, don’t come back.
To L.A.? Nah. You can have this place.
Good. I’m glad I didn’t have to do something immature here.



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Oct. 25th, 2011 08:04 pm (UTC)
Oh god, thank you so much!!! Awesome!!! This is my all-time favorite episode. I just saw it a few month ago (I'm sort of a late bloomer with TV series^^) and it was like "Wow, this dude CAN sing" -> googling this dude -> finding awesome music -> finding leverage -> getting addicted to leverage. Thanks so much !!! :D *throwing cookies through the air*
Oct. 25th, 2011 09:26 pm (UTC)
Ahh, great picspam with GREAT quotes. I love that episode too. If I don't know whether it makes my top ten it's simply because that show just had so many terrific episodes that it's hard to narrow it down! But definitely one of my faves. The bickering nevers stops being hilarious.

Recently we've started to rewatch old Buffy and Angel eps and the dialog is still so snappy! No one writes dialog quite like Joss.

Excuse me. I’m on a case here, Lindsey. Does everything always have to be about killing you all the time?

*g* I shall suggest this ep for our next rewatch. :)
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