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You make me wanna la la... *hurl*

The munchkin's been hounding me to buy her the latest CD of the travesty that is Kidz Bop. So instead I told her I'd make her a mix CD of the real songs if she really wanted. 'Cause the only thing worse than listening to an Ashlee Simpson song is listening to a bunch of off-key little kids sing a tinny cover of an Ashlee Simpson song. I feel like I need to shower now after downloading so many Ashlee, Avril and JoJo songs. Ugh. But I did manage to talk the munchkin into a couple of the new Gwen Stefani songs and some good stuff from Shrek 2, including Pete Yorn, so it's not all crap. And I managed to avoid including any Usher or Alicia Keys, so yay me!

Oh, and if anyone wants me to play the 5 questions meme, I'm game.


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Feb. 4th, 2005 04:31 pm (UTC)
You make the grooviest mix CDs, Sus. What happened to the Munchkin singing along to great songs (ie - "TEENAGE DIRTBAG!") in the car?

Mmm, Shrek 2 soundtrack. Rocks.

Five questions:
1. What is the appeal of The Pants of No Return at 8PM?
2. What's the best thing you ever did? Besides marry Mr. Sus and have Emma?
3. We all have our Worst. Movie. Ever. opinions. What's yours?
4. What's your guilty pleasure now?
5. What scene in Return of the King makes you cry every time you see it, without fail?
6. -- BONUS QUESTION -- When are you coming to visit me?
Feb. 4th, 2005 05:08 pm (UTC)
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