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You make me wanna la la... *hurl*

The munchkin's been hounding me to buy her the latest CD of the travesty that is Kidz Bop. So instead I told her I'd make her a mix CD of the real songs if she really wanted. 'Cause the only thing worse than listening to an Ashlee Simpson song is listening to a bunch of off-key little kids sing a tinny cover of an Ashlee Simpson song. I feel like I need to shower now after downloading so many Ashlee, Avril and JoJo songs. Ugh. But I did manage to talk the munchkin into a couple of the new Gwen Stefani songs and some good stuff from Shrek 2, including Pete Yorn, so it's not all crap. And I managed to avoid including any Usher or Alicia Keys, so yay me!

Oh, and if anyone wants me to play the 5 questions meme, I'm game.

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