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Brought to you by the girl yogurt Jamie Lee Curtis uses to poop

So it looks like Community is being dropped from NBC's mid-season lineup. It may or may not be a temporary condition, but the fact that enough people apparently watch the atrocity that is Whitney to secure it a mid-season slot, yet Community languishes on the bubble makes me all yelly. ROWRRRRR.

On the bright side, Leverage comes back in just under two weeks! Hooray! Also, these episode synopses have made me ridiculously giddy. And next week is Thanksgiving and mikijean and tlbelle are coming and I am beyond happy about that! Whee! There is a distinct possibility that Downton Abbey season two will be watched by us!

And now I shall do another meme (once again from damelola) because they're fun (and a great way to put off housecleaning and other yucky chores)!

1. Think of up to 20 ships you support.
2. List them using descriptions of the characters involved rather than their names.
3. Have your f-list guess as many of the ships as they can. (Comments are screened for optimal guessage.) (What? Guessage is totally a word!)

(01) She saved the president of the United States; she met Nikola Tesla at the 1893 World’s Fair.
(02) Her favorite flavor of yogurt is mixed berry; he thinks their bread is very good.
(03) When he was nine years old he wanted to be a brontosaurus; when she was nine years old she shot her stepfather.
(04) He’s just not the hero type; she forgets to wear deodorant and dances with her boss in a room full of people she works with in a dress with no back.
(05) She once saw a horse kill a clown; he only uses violence as an appropriate response.
(06) He is the obligatory psychotic jackass; she’s smarter than you.
(07) He doesn’t know what kind of Commie share-fest you're running over in Cavetown; she wasn’t on the manifest.
(08) His age is impossible to determine; she can move things with her mind.
(09) He has a very sensitive system; her penmanship is distinctive.
(10) He thinks The Scarlet Letter is about a gal named Scarlet; she wants to define herself instead of having others define her.
(11) She has a lively, playful disposition; he has a propensity to hate everybody.
(12) He does not love the bright sword for its sharpness; she’s not a man, but she can ride and wield a blade.
(13) He doesn’t tan, date, or sing in public; she’s known a lot of demons and, slime aside, not a lot going on there.
(14) He doesn’t carry a bag because he could never deprive the world of the portion of his chest the strap would cover; she doesn’t improvise her life like someone who has really bad credit and an unfinished mermaid tattoo.
(15) He spent six weeks on a moon where the principal form of recreation was juggling geese; she’s torn up plenty, but she’ll fly true.
(16) She has a fear of frogs; he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
(17) He has an unnatural obsession with fruit; she spent her childhood trying to figure out if her dad was only mean or just plain bad.
(18) He doesn’t feel like he deserves a smoothie; she’s the queen of whisper-yelling.
(19) She actually has a Masters degree from the University of California at Berkeley; he’s not wild about ice-skating.
(20) She’s one of the youngest women to ever make homicide detective; he has property on the moon.
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