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Laissez les bon temps roulez! Happy Mardi Gras, everyone! Apparently in Europe, Shrove Tuesday is also known as Pancake Day. I mean, as if the drinking and the debauchery weren't enough, there's also pancakes? Excellent! *seriously considers going to IHOP for dinner*

The probate hearing for my mother's will was today. It was a cinch, but I had to be at the courthouse early and traffic was awful and there was an accident near the munchkin's school and I was running way late. So the whole drive there was one long panic attack because I was afraid I was going to miss it and then my lawyer and the two people I'd roped into testifying would all band together and kill me. But I made it in time and now it is done and I did it and no more dreaded trips to the courthouse for me. Yay!

New Gilmore Girls tonight! Squeeeee! And House. Yippee! And can I just say that it really ticks me off that Veronica Mars, House, Scrubs and The Amazing Race are all on at the same time. It's not like there are more than like eight or ten decent shows on the air that I'm even interested in watching, so how is it that four of them end up on the same night and time? My poor TiVo is all in a quandary. Network execs are of teh deviiiiil.


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Feb. 8th, 2005 10:25 pm (UTC)
Wait. You DON'T have pancakes for Shrove Tuesday? Dude, I'm a heathen who doesn't even know what Shrove Tuesday is for, other than people eat pancakes. Huh, I thought everyone did that!
Feb. 8th, 2005 10:28 pm (UTC)
You DON'T have pancakes for Shrove Tuesday?

Exactly what I was going to ask.

I went out and bought pancake mix and syrup last night, so I'd be prepared.
Feb. 8th, 2005 10:36 pm (UTC)
Okay, good. I thought maybe it was a non-American thing.
Feb. 8th, 2005 10:39 pm (UTC)

Feb. 8th, 2005 10:44 pm (UTC)
It's Tuesday!
Feb. 8th, 2005 10:50 pm (UTC)
we need to catch up so i can bombard you with omgsobadfic. like..no..bad. BAD.
Feb. 8th, 2005 11:32 pm (UTC)
I actually found one that was semi-okay! Well, then it started going on about his kids and turned badfic, but for like 2 or 3 parts it was decent.

I run out of icons so quickly while talking to non-hockey people.
Feb. 8th, 2005 11:37 pm (UTC)
i gotta show you the ones where they're all forced into Witness Protection.


you do the math there.
Feb. 8th, 2005 11:18 pm (UTC)
No, I've never heard of it. I guess around these parts people are too busy getting plastered and showing off their boobs to stop and eat pancakes. Bummer.
Feb. 9th, 2005 03:05 am (UTC)
Okaaaay, but in non-Mardi-Gras parts, doesn't Shrove Tuesday have something to do with Lent?

/very vaguely Protestant
Feb. 8th, 2005 10:28 pm (UTC)
we never ate pancakes for Shrove Tuesday when i was growing up, but IHOP for dinner sounds pretty damned good.

Feb. 8th, 2005 11:45 pm (UTC)
Pancake Day! http://www3.pancakeday.com/CMS/index.php One of my friends from college grew up in Liberal, KS and has actually run in the pancake race. Hee.
Feb. 9th, 2005 01:50 pm (UTC)
"Fat" Tuesday
It started out as Fat Tuesday, because it was when cooks would use up all that decadent butter and stuff before the privation of Lent began. The pancakes were a good way to use up all the good stuff, at least that's the way I've always heard it. My munchkin loves the day because they do Mardi Gras with candy and beads at school during the day, and we have pancakes for supper (at church) at night. Of course being an elitist I smuggle in my own 100% maple syrup instead of the flavored crap.
Feb. 9th, 2005 03:15 pm (UTC)
So I went and did some research after reading all your posts and it appears that the Shrovetide/Pancake tradition is primarily English in origin and the Mardi Gras/Carnival tradition derives from the early French settlers around New Orleans. So whether you eat pancakes or King Cake is apparently a factor of whether you're in an area influenced by English or French settlers.
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