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Yeah, well, bygones.

I dunno, ya'll. Lost didn't really do it for me last night. I mean it was scary as hell--I kept getting up to check and make sure the doors were locked. But at the end it just left me feeling... well, nothing really. I think I'm still miffed that Charlie's back story is so ordinary. Everyone else has all these great secrets and mysteries and Charlie... threw up on a copier. Nice.

Also, last night's episode was just one tired television cliche after another in the interest of preventing the plot from moving forward even a little bit. Listen, J.J., I've watched years of crappy TV and I've been bitchslapped by the best crappy TV writers around so don't be thinking you're gonna pull that tired shit on me. Amnesia? Puleez. One of the characters flying into a rage and killing the only person with any answers? Been there done that. Bored now. Do better.

The only really good part was when Lucy said her dad was "buying some paper company in Slough." The Office! Shout! Out!
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