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We interrupt this broadcast for some Leverage squee

First of all, if you watch Leverage and you're not reading showrunner John Rogers' Q&A posts on his blog Kung Fu Monkey, you're seriously missing out. Even if you don't watch Leverage, if you're at all interested in the process of writing and producing for television, it's fascinating stuff.

So. In his latest post he hints at some stuff to come this season and I'm just going to need to squee about it for a minute.

DISCLAIMER: I don't consider information the writer of a show chooses to share about upcoming episodes in order tease/tantalize fans to be a spoiler. As far as I'm concerned, a spoiler is something actually spoils something that's intended to be a surprise, not just any random snippet of information about future episodes. So the things I'm about to discuss are not spoilers, to my mind. If, however, your definition of spoiler is broader than mine, you might want to avoid peeking behind the cut.

Okay. So, in the post-ep for "The First Contact Job" someone asks if we're going to see more of Eliot grifting and Rogers says: "Lots of Eliot grifting. And more backstory."

This is pretty exciting, because I love to watch Eliot grifting. In fact, I love to watch all the characters step out of their usual roles, and it sounds like that's going to be a recurring theme this year, so yay! The backstory bit also makes me extremely happy because more Eliot backstory is pretty much at the top of my list of Things I'd Like to See on Leverage. But then I remembered that we actually did get some more Eliot backstory in last week's episode with his friend Toby, and I figured that was what he was referring to.

Nope. Because later on someone asks if we're finally going to meet any of the characters' relatives and he responds with: "Not this season, although there's an episode where you hear a LOT about Eliot's family."


AND THEN later he says: "there were ... extenuating circumstances about Eliot's enlistment which you will learn about this year."

*is ded*

Eliot's family PLUS the circumstances surrounding his enlistment??? This is everything I've ever wanted. I am positively quivering with excitement. Even if it means all of my Eliot fic is probably going to get Jossed. I do not care. Eliot backstory, people. Eliot. Backstory.

Rogers also dropped quite a few hints about the season arc and what's going on with Nate. I'm kind of trying not to think too hard about all of that, because I almost don't want to figure it out before they do the reveal. Although it's pretty hard not to think about AT ALL, so obviously I've got some theories floating around in my head. Also, given what he's said about the finale and how it's going to induce lots of crying, I wonder if maybe it might not be better to have an idea of what's coming so I can steel myself for it. Woe.
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