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My neck? Killing me. I really thought the yoga was helping it, because I went for weeks without any neck problems, but this week it's totally hurting again. I guess I should go to the doctor again, but I don't wanna.

In my ongoing quest to see as many Oscar movies as I can before the ceremony, I saw Million Dollar Baby yesterday. I didn't really want to do it, because in general I'm not a fan of Clint Eastwood or his films. (Mystic River? Sucked sucked totally blew, if you ask me.) But Million Dollar Baby was actually pretty good. Surprisingly good.

Except for one small thing. It's a boxing movie. And I fucking HATE boxing. No seriously, I can't stand it. I used to do media relations for the U.S. Olympic boxing association and during that time I developed a real loathing for the "sport." If you ask me, bashing your head repeatedly against a brick wall is about as worthy of being an Olympic event as boxing. It's this horrible, violent, dangerous business that appeals to the most destitute and uneducated of the lower classes (Boxers? Make inner-city basketball kids look wealthy) and spits them out broken and brain-damaged. And don't even get me started on the blood and the smushed faces. *shudder*

So every single boxing scene in Million Dollar Baby was like agony for me. Which, considering it's a boxing movie, was a bit of a handicap. I seriously was covering my eyes for most of the fight scenes. Also, Clint didn't hold back on the blood and gore. Thanks very much, Clint. It was gorier than freaking Hotel Rwanda--a movie about hundreds of thousands of people being being butchered with machetes.

So today, to take a break from the endless parade of Oscar movies I don't really want to see, I'm going to see Bride and Prejudice. Yay Bollywood! Yay Jane Austen! Yay Naveen Andrews as Bingley!

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