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Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone has lots of yummy chocolate to eat today. If not, stop at Starbucks and have yourself a chantico. It's heavenly. Mmmmmmmmmchocolatelygoodness.

I stopped by the Mucky Duck this afternoon and got Bob Schneider tickets for me, austin360, pookha, and mcsister for Thursday night. I'm so excited to see the girls! And seeing Bob will be nice as well. And then Friday morning Mr. Sus, the munchkin and I are flying up to Colorado to see the mom-in-law. Not looking forward to spending the weekend inhaling cigarette smoke, but it'll be nice to visit Colorado Springs again. I haven't been back since Mr. Sus and I moved back to Texas almost ten years ago.

Oh, and here's a little something to cheer up those of you who may be feeling blue today:

A clip of Naveen's fancy footwork in Bride and Prejudice

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