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Pimping Leverage Big Bang

I know what you're saying ... Hey, didn't she just yesterday post about how she wasn't going to be writing any more fic for a while? Yes, yes I did. And I meant it. But that doesn't mean I can't still pimp worthy fic-writing opportunities for others to enjoy. Especially now that Leverage is off the air, we've all got to work extra hard to keep this fandom alive. And while I won't be signing up as a writer, there is a very good chance I may sign up as an artist this time. There are lots of great writers in Leveragedom, but not so many active artists, so this way I can still do my part.


Sign ups are now open for this year's first round of Leverage Big Bang at thebigbangjob.

Do you think you could write 15,000 words in three months? Would you like to make some art for someone's story? Here's your chance.

This year's normal big bang is running from now until June, all of the stories will be posted in late May and early June. For more details, and clarification of the requirements for the challenge, the FAQ can be found here

Writer sign ups are here and are open until 26th January.

Artist sign ups are here, and are open until 20th April

The Big Bang is also running on dreamwidth.

Normal Big Bang Timeline:
Writer Sign Ups - 7th-26th January
Artists Sign Ups - 7th January-20th April
Writer Rough Draft Deadline: 15th April
Art Claims: 21st - 28th April
Final Draft Deadline: 19th May
Posting: 26th May - 16th June
The full 2013 Leverage Big Bang Schedule can be found here

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