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This week has been shitty, hence the lack of posting. But I'm better now, so I'm back. And just in time to inflict that 10 Things meme on you all...

Ten Things I've Done Others Might Not Have:

1. Taught myself to juggle

2. Kissed a boy onstage in a high school play (in front of my parents, teachers and all my friends--GAH!)

3. Sat next to Tony Danza and Sugar Ray Leonard at the U.S. Boxing Championships

4. Had Evander Holyfield's home address and phone number in my rolodex

5. Seen Eddie Vedder break up a fight in the middle of a Pearl Jam concert at Red Rocks

6. Lived in the neighborhood where Reality Bites was filmed (Around the corner from Winona Ryder and Janeane Garafalo's apartment! Fictional apartment, that is. Well, it was a real apartment, but the characters didn't actually live there, being, you know, fictional.)

7. Sat in Bradley Whitford's lap

8. Played cards in the Roosevelt Room on "The West Wing" soundstage

9. Been invited to a party at Molly Ivins' house (Which I couldn't go to. GAH!!!)

10. Inherited a plantation in Louisiana (Well, technically one third of a plantation.)

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