September 14th, 2004

leverage team carnival

John Wells can suck it

Did ya’ll read this in last week’s Entertainment Weekly (in the Fall TV Preview blurb about West Wing):

Wells blames last season’s ratings dip on the fact that “people in the Bartlet administration have stuck around a lot longer than people in the real White House.”

Yeah, John, that’s why your show sucks. Because the amazing cast Aaron and Tommy put together are still working their asses off trying to make the best of your lame plots. I’m sure once they start leaving the show will miraculously be good again. Asshat.
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leverage team carnival


Women's voices could make all the difference this November. Together, we are 51% of America, and single women in particular are now one of the most progressive demographic groups in the country. Yet 50 million of us didn't vote in the last election.

This Saturday, women (and men) everywhere will join in a National Women's Election Action Day. Thousands of volunteers will take to the streets to register, recruit, educate, and mobilize voters to ensure that women stand up and are counted in this election.

Sign up now to take part, at:

Volunteers will participate in voter contact activities such as phone banking, door-to-door canvassing, campus organizing, activist trainings, and registering voters. The National Women's Election Action Day is being organized by America Votes, an unprecedented coalition including virtually every major progressive advocacy organization in America. It will be an amazing day.

In recognition of this week's focus on women, we're releasing our ad for the 10 week countdown early this week. It's a terrific ad, called "The Waitress and the Lawyer," directed by Allison Anders, inspired by Al Franken's one act play by the same name and starring Ione Skye, Illeana Douglas, and W. Earl Brown. Click here to see it:

Brilliant ad. Absolutely fucking brilliant.
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