September 29th, 2004

leverage team carnival


How much do I love Gilmore Girls? ASP is back in my good graces because PodRory went away during the first act of last night's episode. Also, I may have gotten a tad teary when she told her mom she was sorry on the phone. My love for Sookie continues to know no bounds, and Luke is finally out of the clutches of his annoying relatives, so we can get down to serious L/L goodness next week. Yay!

Finally fixed my friends page, by clearing my cache and cookies. Of course now I have to actually remember all my damn passwords. Gah.

So, so excited about Lost tonight. They seriously need to find a later time slot, though. That is just not a show I can watch while the Munchkin's awake, so I'm going to have to tape it and watch it at 9:00 every week. This is where Tivo would come in handy.
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leverage team carnival

Did I mention there's a monster?

Okay, Lost is totally my new favorite show.

Ellen Degeneres was hysterical this morning because she was gushing about how much she loved Lost last week and how everyone should watch it tonight. She was all, "And then the monster ate him. Did I mention there's a monster? And there's a pregnant woman--in a mini-skirt, because pregnant women always wear mini-skirts, especially when they're gonna be on a plane and carrying luggage and stuff." Heh.

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