January 25th, 2005

leverage team carnival

"Boy," she said, "why are you crying?"

Well, I didn't do too badly with my Oscar nom predictions this year. I guessed 31 out of 40 nominees correctly out of the eight categories I made predictions for (because I'm not even going to try to predict art direction or sound editing, thank you very much). I was hoping for a few edgier choices from the Academy this year, like last year's Fernando Meirelles surprise, but no such luck. Unless you count Clint Eastwood stealing Paul Giamatti's slot, which I don't. Let's face it, though, it was a pretty weak year for film. I was really hoping for some love for Eternal Sunshine, which I think is about 1000 times better than Sideways, but I am unsurprised it was mostly forgotten. Marc Forster was so totally robbed, though. Taylor Hackford? The man who directed Proof of Life? Puleez.

Speaking of Forster, I finally saw Finding Neverland yesterday. Loved it. Cried like a baby, but in a good way. It hit a bit close to home, but mostly it was cathartic. And I'm a total Peter Pan freak. I got choked up as soon as I saw J.M. Barrie walking his big shaggy Newfoundland. (Nana! It's poor sweet Nana!) Heck, the trailer made me cry the first time I saw it way back last year. ("Young boys should never be sent to bed. They always wake up a day older." *sob*) Not that I remembered to bring kleenex, of course.
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