April 8th, 2005

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Happy birthday to me! (Shameless, aren't I?) Thanks to all the lovely peeps who've been sending such sweet b-day messages today. Ya'll are the greatest chicks ever!

Tonight we've got a babysitter so Mr. Sus and I can go out to a nice dinner and then see Sin City. Go us!

Oh, and I think I figured out what poisoned poor Ginger. There are a couple of loquat trees that drop their fruit into our yard. The fruit's edible, so I didn't really think about it before, but yesterday I realized they're a stone fruit and looked them up online and, sure enough, just like peaches, the pits contain cyanide. You'd have to eat a heck of a lot of them in order to get sick, and most animals have enough sense not to eat the rock-hard pits of the fruit, but not our Ginger, apparently. The symptoms of acute cyanide poisoning pretty much exactly fit what happened to her, and as I suspected, by the time she started acting sick it was already too late to do anything. It's kind of a relief because I've been worried that somehow it was something I'd done, like dropped an Advil on the floor or left an ant bait where she could get at it. Poor stupid dog.
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