April 27th, 2005

leverage team carnival

Drop the F bomb like it was no big thing

The Serenity trailer is out !!!! Collapse ) Anyone who hasn't seen Firefly--especially those last three episodes that Fox didn't deign to air--needs to go Netflix it. The show could be a little uneven at times, and I have some issues with the Space Ho (TM Mr. Sus), but it was hella fun and the series finale was really, really good.

In other news, Gilmore Girls did not suck last night. Yay! Also? Rory + Logan = Adorableness. And Cooking!Luke is totally hot. Something about the way his hair was curling in the back under his baseball cap last night was extra super yummy.

And for poor austin360 and anyone else who wants it, here's "Cells" by The Servant (that awesome song from the Sin City trailer). WARNING: this song will get stuck it your head. But it totally rocks, so it's okay.


And since I'm uploading stuff, here's a demo of "Assknocker" by Bob Schneider. WARNING: this song is DIRTY! (In case you couldn't infer that from the title.)