hannasus (hannasus) wrote,

Um, who invited P. Diddy to present? And for The Polar Express song? Yeah, why? I know they're trying to reach out to the brothers and all, but P. Diddy? Couldn't look more out of place.

Prince! Yay Prince! And even though he's all mumbly and incoherent, he totally shows P. Diddy what stage presence is all about. Because Prince is cool, man!

And now the guy who won for the Motorcycle Diaries song is singing his whole acceptance speech. In Spanish. Cool.

Whoa, Sean Penn, shoving that Jude Law crack right back in Chris Rock's face. Heh.

And Hilary Swank wins again. And she's wearing the worst dress in the room. Serves her right for taking Kate's award. And now they're trying to play her off. Excellent. Go on, Hilary, shut up already.

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