January 25th, 2006

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Sundance 2006 Report - Part 2

So, I realized that in my first Sundance report I forgot to mention a couple of the short films that screened with the other films I reviewed. Before Special was a short called "Divorce Lemonade" (many of the short films are available on the Sundance web site, if anyone's interested) that is not nearly as cute as the title might imply. It's about a teenage girl covering up for her drunk, estranged father, and has entirely too much vomiting for my taste. The actress playing the girl was very good, though.

Before La Tragedia de Macario was an eerie and actually quite lovely Spanish short called "The Natural Route." I don't want to say much about it because part of the pleasure is in figuring out what's going on. Unfortunately, as of now, this isn't one of the ones available on the Sundance site.

So, anyway, after the disappointment of La Tragedia we headed back to the Broadway Theater. It looked like tickets for Friends With Money were going to be nearly impossible to get (and the buzz on the street was that it's only so-so anyway), so we decided to get stand-by tickets for one of the Shorts Programs.

While D and I were waiting in line (because M gets to go into the theater before us with her locals pass) we were lamenting the depressing nature of everything we'd seen so far. Lots of blood. Lots of violence. Lots of death. D said what she really wanted was a movie about puppies and kittens. I agreed. And then some kid handed D a flyer for an art exhibit at one of the nearby galleries. Oh look, I said, pointing at one of the pictures, there's a kitten. A vaguely creepy painting of a weird-looking kitten, but whatever. Then D opens the brochure and inside is another picture of the same kitten with a cast on his tiny little furry arm. I hate Sundance, said D.

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More on our Sunday screenings later...