January 31st, 2006

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Oscar noms are out! Considering the Oscars are usually my Thing, I'm uncharacteristically blase about them this year. Didn't even know they were coming out today until I went to Yahoo! News this morning.

Overall, the noms are pretty unsurprising. And the Best Picture and Best Director noms are the same, which, like, never happens. The Sorkinverse lover in me is pretty pleased that both Dana Whitaker and Congresswoman Andrea Wyatt are nominated for Oscars, though. Hee!

Taking a page from carmen_sandiego, here's my Oscar watch list.

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So here's a question...

Okay, I can't make up my mind about something in a fic I'm working on, so I decided to take a poll and go with whatever ya'll say. I'm working on the next installment of my post-"Not Fade Away" Angel series. When we left our heroes they were driving west after leaving L.A. and Wolfram & Hart behind them. I want them to (eventually) start fresh in a new town but... I can't for the life of me decide where. Seriously, I've changed my mind back and forth so many times that Word is starting to grumble under its breath. It's a stupid thing to get bogged down on, but I keep second-guessing myself and I just need to settle it once and for all and finish the damn fic.

The choice is essentially between two cities: Houston and New Orleans. For character/story reasons I want it to be one of those two. Here's what I'm wrestling with:


Pros: Because it's my hometown I'll be able to give the story an authentic setting without spending a lot of time researching.
Cons: Because it's my hometown it's just too damn Mary Sue.

New Orleans

Pros: The vampire/NOLA thing is ripe for skewering. And New Orleans is just plain awesome.
Cons: The vampire/NOLA thing has been done to death. And after the tragedy of Katrina it somehow feels... weird to set a fanfic there.

I'm leaving it entirely in ya'lls capable hands. And no, you don't need to have read the first part of the fic (or even know anything about Angel) to have an opinion.

Poll #663912 Afterlife question

So, where should I set my post-NFA fic series?

New Orleans