February 13th, 2006

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Stop looking at my va-jay-jay

So, like, last week my laptop died and I developed mystery back pain, which meant I didn't spend much time on the computer because sitting at the desk was uncomfortable and I didn't have the option of reclining comfortably on the couch with the laptop. And then on Friday the back pain went away as mysteriously as it had appeared and on Saturday Mr. Sus popped open the laptop, looked quizzically at its innards, blew on the fan and *poof* it's working again. Yeah, I dunno. ::Insert blow job joke of your choice here::

Grey's Anatomy last night... Collapse )

And speaking of, guess what's out on DVD tomorrow? Yeah, someone's going to Best Buy.

I've really been wanting to change my LJ layout, but I can't decide what to do. I'm considering adding a header, but what? I could do something generic and decorative. Or I could just go all out fannish and go with a Veronica Mars layout. Hmmmmm.
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VM Fic: "Thinking About Thinking of You" [1/1]

Yep, I finally did it. I went and wrote my first Veronica Mars fic. A Logan/Veronica, no less. The Kool-Aid has well and truly been drunk.

Title: "Thinking About Thinking of You"
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Summary: He wondered if she was just a figment of his imagination--a dream conjured out of Scotch and loneliness and room service fries. (Logan/Veronica)
Spoilers: Through "Donut Run."
Rating: R for language only (because you know they'd swear if they could)
Author's Note: The ending is shamelessly cribbed from a certain John Hughes movie. Deal with it. Special thanks to the amazing austin360 (my real OTP) for the beta and the encouragement and all the squeeing.

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