March 21st, 2006

leverage team carnival

Need coffee. Need coffee now.

What is the deal with Gmail? It seems to be down 3/4 of the time and when I do manage to access my inbox only half my LJ notifications are there. Grrrr. Don't make me switch back to Yahoo!Mail for my primary.

I have a doctor's appointment this morning and since I'm having blood work done no food or drink for me. I am DYING for a cup of coffee, ya'll. And despite the fact that I rarely eat breakfast before 10 a.m. I am irrationally STARVING.

In honor of my appointment, here's a little survey for ya'll (or at least the ladies among you, which I think is pretty much everyone):

Do you shave your legs before a doctor's appointment?

Duh, I shave my legs every single day.
Yes, it's only polite.
No. They're doctors, for pete's sake, they've seen leg hair.
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leverage team carnival

"Angel was in your bedroom?" "Ours is a forbidden love."

Doctor's appointment went fine, for any who might have been worried. Just a routine checkup, no big. Although I am going to have to go for a mammogram, since I'm turning -- *URK* -- 35 next month. Yep, I'll officially be exiled from the young and cool demographic.

I decided to break out the Buffy DVDs last night since there was nothing on TV. Sort of randomly chose "Lie to Me" (because I am a sad, sorry sucker for any Willow/Angel interactions) and "Passion." And I realized a couple of things:

1) The haircut I got last week, which I am not entirely pleased with, is very darned close to Buffy's S2 hair. Which may be why I'm not loving it, given that I am not a tiny, blonde, ass-kicking high school student living in 1997. It's my own dumb fault, though. I told her to cut my bangs shorter because last time they felt like they got too long too fast. And then when I got home I realized that I don't like short bangs on me. It looks too young, or something, but it doesn't quite go with my face.

2) "Passion" may very well be the first Buffy episode (chronologically speaking) that I consider to be wholly good. Up until that point in the series, there were some really good moments, but they were too often tainted by embarrassingly bad effects, amateur acting/directing, stupid demons, lame plots and/or deficient plot logic (a chronic Buffyverse problem that I've never quite been able to forgive). But "Passion" is, pretty much start to finish, a really engaging, really scary, really sad, really good, well-told story. I'd sort of forgotten that. I'd rank it up there with "The Wish" and "Dopplegangland" and "Hush" and "Tabula Rasa" and "The Body" and all the other really great eps. And now I'm really wishing I'd made austin360 watch it during Buffyfest '06.