April 24th, 2006

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Yesterday we took the munchkin roller skating (well, blading, but in a rink) and today I am SORE.

It's entirely possible I'm only posting in order to use my mood theme. Ah, Jayne. Bless.

I did, however drive all the way out to Katy Fraking Texas today to get a new cable converter, which I've hooked up and seems to be working fine. So I should be able to catch West Wing on Bravo tonight. I actually watched the last 10 minutes last night, because I was already spoiled anyway, but it just wasn't the same. It was, however, enough to observe that apparently the make-up people were just as pissed at Rob Lowe about not showing for Leo's funeral as I was, because they made him up like a woman. :p

It's also possible that I signed up for HBO and Showtime while I was at the cable company office. Shhh. Don't tell Mr. Sus. We'll see if he notices.
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