May 3rd, 2006

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I'm back from my awesome trip to L.A.! Had a terrific time with austin360, tlbelle, bgirlla, kelbelle, and softeranswer. Man, that's a lot of peeps!

The Over the Hedge premiere was fun, although there were no up-close-and-personal encounters with any celebs, and Allison Janney didn't even show up. But we actually stood on the red carpet! We stood out in front of the theater for a while before the movie started and watched the celebs disembark from their limos and disappear down the long press line. This afforded us distant glimpses of Bruce Willis, Steve Carell, Nick Nolte, William Shatner, Wanda Sykes, Avril Lavigne, Larry King, Mark Burnett and Jeffrey Katzenberg. Then the people near us started exclaiming because Tracey Gold was standing right next to us. There was also a guy loitering nearby that I was certain was somebody (although austin360 insisted he wasn't or else he wouldn't be standing over by us) and later realized was Billy Ray Cyrus. Also, at some point one of the guys we were with apparently got an inadvertent flash of Scout Willis' boob thanks to a regretable wardrobe malfunction.

The movie itself was cute. Steve Carell and William Shatner's characters were especially funny. But the best part was that when the credits rolled everyone stayed to watch and as various names scrolled by there would be pockets of whooping and applause around the theater as their friends and families cheered for them. Then we filed out into the lobby where Bruce Willis was posing for pictures with various people and their kids. We also spotted Steven Spielberg in the crowd, and he ended up following us outside. Which was weird because everyone behind the barricades suddenly starting waving and screaming "Mr. Spielberg! Mr. Spielberg!" and I turned around and he was standing like two yards away from me with a bunch of his kids. Then Wanda Sykes walked by and the people we were with asked her to pose for pictures with them. Also, Catherine O'Hara practically elbowed past me in the crowd. As we were leaving austin360 pointed at someone and said, "Hey, there's that guy from Earl!" And I got all excited, thinking she meant Jason Lee or even Ethan Suplee, but it was actually Eddie Steeples, aka Crabman, which was pretty cool, too. And a few minutes later we discovered that he'd parked in the same lot as us, as he and his family walked right us on the way to their car (a black Toyota Prius in case anyone cared). The urge to call out, "Hey, Crabman!" was almost overwhelming, but I resisted.

We topped off the visit at bgirlla's apartment, watching the penultimate episode of The West Wing, which happened to be the Most. Boring. Episode. Ever. But the preview for the finale was awesome and made us all sniffly and we rewound it like four times and then watched "Five Votes Down," for old times sake.

And then poor austin360 came home and discovered she has shingles, poor thing. And has to take VD medicine, which is actually kind of awesome (I told her now she has something in common with Veronica Mars, but for some reason she didn't laugh). And thank god I've already had the chicken pox, because guess who was rubbing ointment on her rash all weekend?

My back, by the way? Still hella sore, but slowly getting better.